Teaching Screenagers

Teaching Screenagers
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is a Digital Footprint?

Working with students in technology is a joy and a challenge. What I have discovered about our journey is that my students don't truly understand the idea of "Digital Footprint" or that your life on line stays with you. This week some students attempted to go to some sites that were not appropriate, and others just wasted time looking up images or information off the topic. I took the opportunity this week to teach a lesson on Digital Dossier. Take a look at this video, it was a great discussion point for our class.

After we viewed this video we discussed our roles and responsibilities we have as Digital Citizens. I find it fascinating that our kids are so immersed in technology, yet they don't know that what they put out there stays out there. Food for thought as we move forward.

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  1. This is a good idea - My classes haven't really used the internet with the ipod yet. Thanks for posting this video - I might use it in my classes